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Founded in 2011, UPSCHEM is now becoming one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of water-soluble polymers in China.Our total supply quantity is around 120,000.00 tons per year. We aim to make the surroundings around us more environmental with our products and efforts.

We offer a portfolio polymers which are widely used to industrial & municipal waste water treatment, paper making, mining & mineral processing, oil & gas fields and so on.With a ten years’ running,growing and expanding, we have been exporting our products to more than 37 countries. 

Based on 10 years communications with our customers, we lean much and gradually set up a dedicated and experienced team, who could assist you to select suitable product for your needs.

Why Choose US?

To be an approved supplier,there are many reasons and considerations for a customer to make a decision.We feel UPSCHEM’s core competence is our high quality products with sustainable providing capacity. 

We have strict control on our key raw materials, some are purchased from ISO certificated suppliers, some are produced by ourselves. All is proceeded under our routine audit and inspections

UPSCHEM could supply standard and customized products

UPS is the abbreviation of


UPSCHEM’s core competence is our high quality products with sustainable providing capacity. Welcome to contact us & we are ready to serve you.

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