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Oil & Gas

UPSCHEM supplies a series of polyacrylamide to oilfield. Besides our standard product, we could also supply our product in different particle size, in different conditions of high temperature resistance and high TDS resistance.UPSfloc plays an important part in oilfield as:

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Drilling Fluids Additives

PHPA (Partially Hydrolyzed Polyacrylamide) is widely used as Drilling Fluids Additives for Water-based Drilling mud systems. UPSCHEM supply a wide range of PHPA with different molecular weights and specific compositions. Both Dry and Emulsion forms are available. PHPA is usually used as:

Fracturing Fluids Additives

Hydraulic fracturing is the process of pumping fluid such as water and polymer solution slurry, with a material (most commonly proppant) under high pressure into a hydrocarbon containing formation to stimulate production from new and existing oil and gas wells. Although hydraulic fracturing has become a very common process the use of best in class fracturing fluids additives is vital in the success of any hydraulic fracturing process.

Friction Reducer

Friction reducers are added to fracture water to manufacture what is called “slick water”. They are added to reduce the friction generated as the fluid is pumped down the well tubular.  Friction reducers are typically added to the fracture fluid at a concentration of 0.25 to 2 gal./1,000 gal.

UPSCHEM Fracturing Fluids Additives & Friction Reducer properties

Acidizing Thickener

Oil well acidizing is an effective method to improve oil production. Injecting acid to the hole, it will have chemical react with the mineral in the layer.its strong corrosive makes the cracks larger or get through, increase the flow capacity. thus it is become a kind of oil production method. UPSCHEM cationic product is usually used for this process to prolong the acid action time.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

This process requires high molecular weight PAM with high viscosity. UPSCHEM standard products can resist a temperature up to 75℃ and a salinity up to 30,000 ppm. High TDS brine tolerant products can resist a temperature up to 90℃ and a salinity much more than 30,000 ppm.

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